Service Plus

SafetyMET Trainings and Consultants offers multidisciplinary services. We have deployed highly qualified and professional experts and are renowned for providing exquisite, effective, and practicable consultancy service to Clients. Our services are based on an outclass consolidation of insightful theoretic understanding and extensive working experience, we possess. We are capable of serving our clients with high-quality services in a concise time frame customized exclusively for matching their needs..

Environmental Management

SafetyMET provides a diverse portfolio of environmental studies & impact assessment of the proposed human interventions and provides expertise to devise mitigation/preventive measures.

Water Resource Management

Our water Resource Planning and Management sector provides services for water resource studies regarding the availability and quality of water (groundwater and surface water) for different purposes and modeling the natural phenomenon to predict future scenarios.

HSE consultancy

SafetyMet addresses the needs of the clients and provides them the Occupational HSE consultation for identification/evaluation of the potential hazards and their expected adverse outcomes that may affect the workers and organization and establishment of exemplary safety solutions.